ADAL Annual Meeting – Lisbon 2017

ADAL‘s annual meeting was held within the framework of CISAC’s General Assembly.

On the 7th of June, within the framework of CISAC‘s General Assembly, the annual meeting of our Alliance was held in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. It was attended by all the member societies, as well as by guest Screenwriters’ Societies such as REDES, Red Colombiana de Escritores Audiovisuales, and GEDAR, Gestão de Direitos de Autores Roteiristas. Both the writers and technicians of the societies talked about the issues they are facing and their short term objectives, the updating of declared works and concomitant material, and their next steps with regard to financial aid.

The enactment of the Pepe Sanchez Bill, which was undertaken and defended by DASC, Directores Audiovisuales Sociedad Colombiana, and REDES, Red Colombiana de Escritores Audiovisuales, and which protects the rights to use and retransmit the works of Colombian authors, was met with joy. The abovementioned Colombian Societies explained what their next steps would be in order to begin operations regarding collection and distribution to their authors.

On the day after our annual meeting, the CISAC General Assembly (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers) was held, where GEDAR, Gestão de Direitos de Autores Roteiristas, among others, was approved as a provisional member. We welcome them in this very important step.


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